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I am known on a lot of Sims messageboards as "Annoree", and I have been producing custom Sims for the gaming community since 2000; most well-known being my "Sailor Moon" collection.

I created this little blog in 2010 in order to host all of the Sims I have created over the years in one place, as and when I can find them on my hard drives. I hope you enjoy the uploads!

15 April 2010

Sims 2 Downloads > Sailor Moon > Sailor Pluto / Setsuna Meiou (Adult)

I've reworked Sailor Pluto again!  Things bugged me before that I've rectified now ^.^

So, what's new you ask?  Here's a beautiful demonstration:

Yeah, I already know how abysmal my handwriting is.  13 years of school teachers let me know that >_<  An embarrassment to the great Roman alphabet!!
All you need know is that I've remade quite a lot of stuff, and there are more pics below.
Some of you may remember an older version of this Sim which I posted on MTS2 ages ago.  Well, I've tinkered and made a complete revamp ;P

The accessories can be worn with the Time Staff or on their own.

You shouldn't need any expansion packs for everything to work properly. If you have University expansion pack, the hair will work for Young Adults. If you don't have that EP, the hair will still work but you won't have Young Adults.

- Name of Sim: Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto
- Starsign: Scorpio
- Dreams: To be a Fashion Designer
- Likes: Shopping, sewing, Physics, swimming, green tea
- Dislikes: Music, eggplant, cockroaches
- Favourite colours: Dark red

Download Includes:
- Sailor Pluto Sim
- Her hair + mesh (female, toddler/child/teen/youngadult/adult/elder)
- Her fuku (sailor uniform) + mesh (female, adult)
- The earrings + mesh (female, adult)
- The tiara + mesh (female, adult)
- The Time Staff + mesh (female, adult)
- Animé skintone - Setsuna Tan Edition
- Animé eye colour - Red
- Black eyebrows
- Anything else I've forgotten (but not the lipstick - that's Maxis lipstick)

Take good care of her! More info can be found in the 'README' file included.
*Ang* xxx

Having problems installing?
A common problem is that when people try to install the Sims2Pack, it tells them they do not have the correct expansion pack. Yet, I don't use expansion pack files as my bases. To rectify this, I have been told that using the Sims2Pack Clean Installer can possibly install it without problems. It can be found at: http://sims2pack.modthesims2.com/
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  1. lol the two plutos
    Very nice job I dowloaded all of yor stuff

  2. thank you! let me know if it works okay, I've had a comment before about one of my sims having a corrupted download, even though when I downloaded it, it was fine! O_o

  3. YAY! pluto shes' always been my fave nice job

  4. That was me! I'm trying it but I'm pretty sure it was my extactor

  5. Hi! I took a closer look at the corrupted download and it appears it hasn't uploaded correctly, so as soon as I finish moving house I will take a look and see if I can get it working again :D (It was Queen Serenity that won't install, not Pluto just in case people reading are getting confused!)

  6. Thnx I have downloaded this one and she worked fine. She looks awesome in my game! Thank so much

  7. I love the demonstration

  8. I've tried to download all of your sailor scouts and not a single one worked.. Only things that did were Sailor Moon's hair and Rini's hair. ):

    1. @Catie:

      Oh dear. Did you unzip the mesh files to the Downloads folder, then unzip the Sims2Pack somewhere else and double click it to install?

      And after you've done this, go to your Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2 folder and delete the two *.cache files.


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