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I am known on a lot of Sims messageboards as "Annoree", and I have been producing custom Sims for the gaming community since 2000; most well-known being my "Sailor Moon" collection.

I created this little blog in 2010 in order to host all of the Sims I have created over the years in one place, as and when I can find them on my hard drives. I hope you enjoy the uploads!

11 September 2010

Sims 3 Downloads > Mirror's Edge > Faith Connors (Beta)

(Based on original poster by DICE.  I take no credit for creating the character/game/artwork for the game. Just a bit of fun.)

Please note that this Sim is in BETA stage.  It is my first attempt at dabbling with modding Sims 3, so there are some things that do not work correctly yet, but they do not cause anything to crash so she is playable. Here's what I know isn't working right just yet:
- Lighting/smoothing of the hair (doesn't look too good with light hair colours.  I'm not sure what I did wrong as I made sure not to have AutoSmooth turned on in MS). 
- Clothing for Teen probably doesn't work quite as smoothly as for Adult
- I have only included the hair which works from Teen->Elder, until I can get around to fixing the shading problem ;)

Sim Info:
I picked up an odd game at the shop called "Mirror's Edge" for £5.  The instant I loaded it up, I was in love.  The storyline, the characters, the feeling of freedom from running like hell in a world clamped still ... Here's a little tribute to this gem.

Full Name:
 Faith Connors
Protagonist of the video game "Mirror's Edge" by DICE/EA.  A 24 year old woman who is opposed to the police state that her home, Edge City, has turned into.  She works as a runner, delivering secret information between clients who are against the city's change.

I created Faith's twin sister Kate by cloning the Faith Sim in CAS and using the UnlockOutfits cheat to give her a police uniform.

File Info:
 Asian skintone by the lovely Lady Frontbum (http://www.ladyfrontbum.com/)

All other content created by me, using EA stuff as bases.
This download includes:
- Faith Connors Sim ("Pre-made Sims" in CAS)
- Faith's top and armband ("Tops")
- Faith's trousers ("Bottoms")
- Faith's running shoes ("Shoes")
- Faith's right arm circuitry tattoo ("Accessories")
- Faith's right hand fingerless glove ("Accessories")
- Faith's right eye star tattoo ("Costume Makeup")
- Faith's eye makeup ("Eyeliner")
- Faith's hair ("Hair")

Installation Instructions: 
(These sites offer much better explanations than I could ever hope to squeeze into here!)
 - For help installing the .package files please go to http://linna.modthesims.info/wiki.php?title=Tutorials:TS3_Installation_Tutorials

- For help installing the .sim file please go to http://www.sims2wiki.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:Installing_TS3_Sims 

- IMPORTANT!  For the non-default skintone to work get Rez Delnava's UI Mod from http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=389680
Download Links:


  1. File is gone! Can't download it.

  2. Will you availed of custom content on Sailor Moon for The Sims 3 ?

  3. Thank you for letting me know that the file doesn't work! I am trying to fix it, asap!

    If anyone wishes to convert my work into the Sims 3, please feel free to do so. I may post an entry on this blog about that. :)

  4. I've reuploaded this file, so it should be working now ^.^

  5. I have a question about the Sims 1 sailor moon downloads. I downloaded the skins but they don't show up on the game! I do believe I put them in the right folder too that says "skins".

  6. i love her thank


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