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I am known on a lot of Sims messageboards as "Annoree", and I have been producing custom Sims for the gaming community since 2000; most well-known being my "Sailor Moon" collection.

I created this little blog in 2010 in order to host all of the Sims I have created over the years in one place, as and when I can find them on my hard drives. I hope you enjoy the uploads!

16 April 2010

Sims 2 Downloads > Sailor Moon > Sailor Jupiter / Makoto Kino (Teen)

You shouldn't need any expansion packs for everything to work properly. If you have University expansion pack, the hair will work for Young Adults. If you don't have that EP, the hair will still work but you won't have Young Adults.
I'm beginning to get the hang of making toddler accessories.  It's not that hard, but I easily forget when I don't write what I do down.  This time, I wrote down all steps I took so I won't have so much trouble again (hopefully)!

The hair animates well.  I spent a full five minutes spinning her around in CAS, just so I could see her her hair swing out in all different directions :3
"He looks just like my ex-boyfriend~!"

- Name of Sim:  Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter
- Starsign:  Sagittarius
- Dreams:  To become a bride, and to open a cake/flower shop!
- Likes:  Home Economics, History, cherry pie, meatloaf, all other food, cooking, cleaning, bargain-hunting, reading romance novels, horses, fighting(!)
- Dislikes:  Aeroplanes, Physics
- Favourite colours:  Green and pink

Download Includes:
- Sailor Jupiter Sim
- Her hair + mesh (female, toddler/child/teen/young adult/adult/elder)
- Her fuku (sailor uniform) + mesh (female, teen)
- The tiara + mesh (female, teen)
- The earrings + mesh (female, teen/young adult/adult/elder)
- The hair bobbles + mesh (female, toddler/child/teen/young adult/adult/elder)
- Animé skintone - Cleaner Teeth Edition
- Animé eye colour - Mako-chan Edition
- Black eyebrows
- Anything else I've forgotten

Take good care of her! More info can be found in the 'README' file included.
*Ang* xxx

Having problems installing?
A common problem is that when people try to install the Sims2Pack, it tells them they do not have the correct expansion pack. Yet, I don't use expansion pack files as my bases. To rectify this, I have been told that using the Sims2Pack Clean Installer can possibly install it without problems. It can be found at: http://sims2pack.modthesims2.com/
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  1. love it, too bad i have the sims 3 :'(

  2. I wonder...do you think you'll ever try your hand at making clothing for the characters you've already made (i.e. their sleepwear, swimwear, school uniform or other everyday wear that you see in the Anime)? I came across TS3 Sailor Moon stuff and saw that...and it just got me thinking it would be nice for TS2, too. :)

  3. What makes it worse is that it's absolutely PERFECT, but I had the Sims 3 and all the other apparel doesn't nearly match in perfections. It completely aggravates me.


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