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I am known on a lot of Sims messageboards as "Annoree", and I have been producing custom Sims for the gaming community since 2000; most well-known being my "Sailor Moon" collection.

I created this little blog in 2010 in order to host all of the Sims I have created over the years in one place, as and when I can find them on my hard drives. I hope you enjoy the uploads!

29 August 2011

Sims 3 Downloads > Mass Effect > Asari Genetics Set

Annoree's Asari Genetics Set (AAGS) a.k.a. "Asari for Everyone!"

Asari are the all-female alien race from Bioware's masterpiece series Mass Effect.  I think they're great, and I really wanted some in my Sims 3 game ... so I made AAGS!

See the problems I encountered (and overcame!) whilst creating the hair for this set! [Click here]!

Terms of Use
Read it if you'd like to modify/re-upload/use my creations in videos and images and all that. It's really short :)

Items in This Set 
 These files are inside the .rar downloads at the bottom of this post.

amd-AsariSkintone-001.package - This is the non-default (ie won't turn all your Sims blue) skin tone file for AAGS. It's a whopper at 29MB, but in there are Asari skin textures for every kind of Sim;  Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult and Elder, male and female.  Teen-Elder females have nipples, but other than that they're Barbie-style.  The textures are bump-mapped to give the scales more depth.  Comes in a variety of hues - I've picked out some main ones below:

Some facial close-ups:

This skin tone is also compatible with the muscle definition slider in Nightlife:

amd-AsariHair-001.package - The female Teen-Elder hair mesh and texture for AAGS.  This enables your female Asari to have their signature head tentacles. It is set to be disabled for random Sims (Sims the game creates and moves to your neighbourhood won't ever have this hair. I know you don't want tentacle heads everywhere).  It is set to be enabled for naked, but sometimes the tentacles change to hair when Sims have a shower/bath (see the Technical Tips section below to fix it).  The texture is bump-mapped to give the scales more depth.  This file is REQUIRED if you download any of my other Asari hair meshes.

amd-AsariHair-001-TODDLER.package - My Asari head tentacles converted for toddlers.  Male and Female.  Requires amd-AsariHair-001.package to work!

amd-AsariHair-001-CHILD.package - Asari head tentacles converted for, yep you guessed it, children.  Male and Female.  Requires amd-AsariHair-001.package to work!

amd-AsariHair-001-MALE.package - Thanks to the advances of genetic engineering, you can now create MALE Asari!  Here are the original head tentacles converted for males aged Teen-Elder.  Requires amd-AsariHair-001.package to work!

Hair coloured to show customisable areas (Red=roots, Green=main, Blue=tips, Magenta=highlights):

Bonus download! Aria_T'Voni.sim - I've made an example Sim using AAGS, which is especially useful if you have no slider hacks in your game so cannot make the ears disappear.  Change her appearance/age/sex to your heart's content, but don't touch the ear sliders if you want her ears to stay Asari-style!  She's packaged with no make-up and base game clothing, and can be found in the Female Young Adult category of the Pre-Made Sims section in CAS.  Be aware that this download is only the Sim, it doesn't include the skin tone or hair mesh.
Aria T'Voni, ready for service!

Technical Tips
To see my non-default skin tone in-game, you can use Rez's UI mod if you have it (it's been removed from MTS), or if you have a mouse wheel you can just scroll down when you're selecting a skin tone, and as long as your game's up to date you'll see colour swatches for all the custom ones you have.  AAGS's skin tone has a dark blue coloured swatch and when you click on it you'll see the words "Annoree - Asari" on the tone ramp:

To make full use of AAGS, I highly recommend downloading the Master Controller from [NRaas].  This will let you set the gender of your Asari children before they're born (to female if you're going for true Asari realism), change the appearance of any Sim whenever you like and a whole host of other goodies to alter your playing experience.
Fix the head tentacles-changing-to-hair glitch with Master Controller!  If your Sim changes to naked and their tentacles turn into hair, pause the game and click on your Sim.  Open up the Master Controller menu and go to stylist.  Change the hair of your naked Sim to tentacles, then press OK.  All will be good :)
In order to get the earless appearance of my Asari, I use the slider hacks included with Extended Game Core to shrink them into non-existence.  MTS has taken EGC's page offline at the moment, but you can probably do similar things with other hacks and possibly [AwesomeMod] (I've never used AwesomeMod myself so I don't know).

Known Issues
► The skin texture on babies (not toddlers) is the same file as used for their eyes, and so changes colour when the skin colour does.  So, if you have a blue baby Asari she will have blue-hued eyes, when she's purple her eyes will have a purple tinge etc.  I can't find a way to fix this right now, but it is kind of cool at the same time.
► Sometimes when a Sim changes to naked, their head tentacles will change to hair.  Read the Technical Tips section above to fix this.
► When a Sim ages up their tentacles will often revert to hair.  This can be easily fixed with any mirror or with Master Controller to change their hair back.

Possible Future Projects Linked to AAGS
► Makeup/face paint sets based on the face markings that many Asari have in Mass Effect.
► Tooth overlays with distinctive Asari-style gaps between the teeth.  Sims' default teeth are too perfect!

I used [HP's Skin Replacements] and EAxis originals as bases for the skin textures.
Special thanks go to MentalFloss for their [Reptile Scale Brushes], which I used while painting my Asari skin.

Installation Instructions
► Get an extractor program that can unpack .rar files!  For example, [WinRAR]. 
To install .package files (hair, skin tone etc), unzip them and put them into your "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages" folder.
If you haven't set up a Mod folder, please read how to do this at [this website]!  
To install .sim files (downloaded Sim characters), unzip them and put them into your "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\SavedSims" folder.  
For a more in-depth explanation visit [this website]

Download Links
Nothing should require expansion packs, but I cannot guarantee this 100%.
Before posting problems, please make sure you've read the Technical Tips, Known Issues and Installation Instructions above!  Cheers m'dears :)

[amd-AsariSkintone-001.rar] (13.7 MB) 
Skin tone .package file.
[amd-AsariHair-001.rar] (3.75 MB) 
Female Teen-Elder hair (head tentacles) .package file. Required for any of the other Asari hair files to work.
[amd-AsariHair-001TODDLER.rar] (204 KB) 
Male and female Toddler hair (head tentacles) .package file. Requires amd-AsariHair-001.rar to work.
Male and female Child hair (head tentacles) .package file. Requires amd-AsariHair-001.rar to work.
Male Teen-Elder hair (head tentacles) .package file. Requires amd-AsariHair-001.rar to work.
[amd-AriaTvoni.rar] (138 KB) 
Female Young Adult example Sim created using AAGS.  Useful if you have no slider hacks for ears. Requires amd-AsariSkintone-001.rar and amd-AsariHair-001.rar to show up as in the screenshots above.

Please let me know what you think, and if everything works :)

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